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I Diverged In A Wood

If we'll meet again, I just don't know
the winds gone dark and the sun turned cold
I'll meet you further on up the road

Two roads part in this angry hush and close
Take my dead-man's suit and the shoes I stole
Will we meet again, I just don't know

Why did I dream where only birds had flown
A vagrants welcome back for the hero bold
You and I will meet further on up the road

Take my pain with you, take my hat and coat
Just leave my book and pen to save my soul
Where we'll meet, well I just don't know

Under lantern light doing my time, dusty pages show
How I came this way, how the Poet's seeds are sowed
Why I sent my heart further on up the road

Sweet summer child, imagine what you'll know tomorrow
Besides this dark and lonely road, forsted in the cold
If there's hope and light ahead, I just don't know
I'll meet my heart further on down the road
I Diverged In A Wood
I was listening to a video of a Bruce Springsteen concert where he played Further On Up The Road and it turned my mind to writing this one. Please let me know if you enjoyed it, or just what you think about it. :)
Below The Promise

What is it like to be full of promise
Where do I find the lighthouse shining
How do I pluck these dreams below the surface

A penny to separate the dreams and hopes combining
From out this sounding fury, I draw noise
As I'm crawling to find the lighthouse shining

To everything a master, kings and viceroys
Dedicated, promoted, praised and bold
Creating such a sounding fury, a howling noise

When every path is dark, and every wind is cold
All around are the clutching hands, the piercing eyes
Of the dedicated, all the accepted and the bold

Where does the fool stand amongst the wise
If the lights go out with the doors all closed
We are left in madness under piercing eyes

It's hard to know which words or rhymes to compose
When we don't quite feel so full of promise
Because if the lights go out and the doors are closed
We drown in all our dreams below the surface
Below The Promise
It's been a long time since I've posted anything, and a while since I penned this one. It's about struggling with inadequacy when trying to do something creative. Let me know if you enjoyed it and what you think :) 
Awakening Chill

An idea forms again
Shivers when the wind is chill
And suddenly smells of rain

Showers come for the herbs and bane
A living light of dying pills
An idea forms again

A jolt to the poets brain
Awakens the sleeping will
As the breezes smell of rain

The elder woes of pain
Vanish in the deeping still
Ideas die to form again

Imagination in its fiery mane
Conscripts another to run the drill
All around, the smell of rain

In short lived blaze, a mind trained
To focus all its heat, light, and chill
So the ideas can form again
To honor the wind when it smells of rain
Awakening Chill
It's been a number of months since I wrote this one but it's about the stirring of inspiration from whatever source, and the feeling of when imagination awakens. 
Pocket Full of Stones

What is in a name
Can we name ourselves alone
Acting out the status game
With a pocket full of stones

Cometh the hour, cometh the man
Crowded houses, none are homes
The famous faces, awards in hand
And a pocket full of stones

The moss is rolling the boulder up the hill
Nothing that is known
Despised and mocked for being still
with a pocket full of stones

Crazed, hearts are darkest before the dawn
Breaking all my bones
The light is here, but the sun is gone
In a pocket full of stones

Is it me or myself that's kind
Through this magical cyclone
Thought myself rich but I was blind
Clutching a pocket full of stones

Where is the word between want and must
The lie that soothes, the umbrella dome
Form and matter, light and stars, and dust
Luminously pocketing the stones

Confuse the word with what we are
Point to the worker as he works, the rover as he roams
Think you then, by effort, light fire to the stars
With a pocket full of stones

Walking wonder, sitting, staring
Circles in his mind, blocking all he's shown
Rewarded still because he's caring
But only for his pocket full of stones

Some days I sage, some days I play the fool
Some days I forget that I am home
Strip away the gold, and lights, the hate and duels
I am happy with my pocket full of stones
Pocket Full of Stones
It's been awhile since I wrote this down, so instead of me saying what it is, I'm going to ask what yall think of it and what it means in the reader's minds :) Let me know if you enjoyed it.
Through The Night

Universes watching across the fields of time
The eyes are the gateway to the stars
Don't you see your eyes in mine

Minds open and worlds expand beyond the bars
The beautiful turn of perceive and create
Seeing with the gateway to the stars

The non-dual flowing, swirling beyond love and hate
All of the everything above words, ineffable
The beautiful turn of perceive and create

But shall we see the truth and turn the table
Wherein the harder the course doth lie?
In the everything above our words ineffable

In our eyes I see the calm and storm, the moon and tide
I recognize myself, but can I acknowledge the others
Wherein the harder course doth lie

The lonely, burning in the night are being smothered
As we watch ourselves across the fields of time
Within myself, but I acknowledge the others
For I have learned to see your eyes in mine
Through The Night
It's been awhile since I posted anything, and it's been awhile since I wrote this. The themes are mostly about recognizing ourselves in other people and seeing with more than just eyes. 
Sorry I've been gone for most of the year. Been dealing with some strange stuff, and heartaches, and moving into an apartment. I have a few poems written but it's been difficult to find inspiration these past few months. Especially lately.

I'll try to post some things soon, for the few of you who read my poems.
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One Fuzzy Among Many
United States
*Yeah, so trying to update this thing*

Therapeutic poetry writing, haven't done any drawings in a long time, trying to survive. Same as most of our groovy planet.

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